HydroVolt 12mm

small rubber molded underwater connector. Subconn Seacon Impulse

Designed to be the most rugged and reliable, low cost underwater electrical connector available. HV 12mm connectors are only slightly more expensive than other low cost connectors, yet are much more rugged, slightly smaller and reliable. Available in 3, 4, 5 & 6 pin configurations.

Underwater Connectors

low profile underwater connector

The HydroVolt Low Profile series is a rugged and compact right-angle receptacle series of connectors. It will be the most rugged low profile design available, and will have a number of other advantages over its competitors. Available in 3, 5 and 7 pin configurations.

HydroVolt GigE Low Profile

HydroVolt gigabit ethernet underwater connector

The HydroVolt GigE LP was specifically designed to support Ethernet communications up to 100ohms.  The HV GigE LP inherited the same proven rugged construction features as the standard HV LP Series.


Inter-matable Industry Standard Connectors


These are industry standard subsea connectors that are designed to be inter-matable with Subconn Circular Series Connectors.  Please contact us for more details.