Electric Thrusters


ROV AUV Thruster

The T200-WM is a standard Blue Robotics T200 thruster with a 3 pin wet-mate connector hot molded to the thruster cable.  We also offer the mating bulkhead and inline connectors.

Ring/Disk Thruster

electric underwater ring disk thruster

Ultra-slim (15 mm thickness) rim-driven brushless thruster with integrated motor control.  The hubless propeller prevents it from getting tangled. Our patented design is pressure-proof without seals, hydro-lubricated and oil free. Its thin size makes it ideal for low-drag vertical stabilisation thrusters, as well as small vehicles where space is limited.  


electric underwater thruster

Second generation magnetically coupled 12 inch thruster improves on the excellent power and reliability of the first generation NMT12 by incorporating the drive right into the thruster housing. These units have been optimized, above all, for bollard efficiency – they produce outstanding thrust at any power setting.  


Small electric underwater thruster

The T200 is basically a brushless electric motor, just like you’d find on an RC airplane or a quadcopter drone. The big difference is that this motor is purpose-built for use in the ocean and was designed specifically for use on ROVs, AUVs, and robotic surface vehicles. Of course you could also use it to propel your stand-up-paddleboard or cruise around while kayaking! It’s compact design fits in any project.