NaviSuite Mobula Examples

NaviSuite Mobula - Complete User Interface for BlueROV2 or SARbot + Gemini 720ik

This video was taken from a BlueLink SARbot with a Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar facing a set of stairs in a swimming pool.

This video is a screen recording of a Harbor Police Officer operating the SARbot for the very first time.  What is shown in the video is the NaviSuite Mobula Operator Interface which not only completely controls the ROV but lets the user visualize and record multiple sensor inputs like sonars, USBLs, etc.  In this this case, the SARbot is equipped with a Tritech Gemini 720ik FLS (forward looking sonar).  The the FLS sonar is essential for underwater SAR missions even if visibility isn't bad.