search and recovery rov
Search & Recovery Robotic System


The SARbot™ is a low-cost, robotic system which is optimized for underwater search & recovery in low-visibility conditions.




The SARbot™ is single person deployable.


Low Visibility Operations

By utilizing a FLS (forward looking sonar) the SARbot™ can operate in harsh underwater environments down to zero camera visibility.


Complete the Mission

If the recovery target/victim is beyond diver depth or divers are not available, the SARbot™ system can be used for retrieval by locking onto the target/victim with the onboard gripper and pulling the SARbot™ tether. (Note: This process should only be used by experienced and knowledgeable SAR operators.)

SARbot™ Features

  • 8 Thruster, Vectored,  3-Axis Stabilized, Open-Frame MiniROV
  • Multibeam Imaging Sonar Ready (Gemini 720ik, Oculus M750d or BlueView M900)
  • Optimised Surface Power Supply
  • 6000 Lumens of LED Lighting
  • Upgraded Buoyancy
  • 100m or 300m Depth Rating
  • Interlocking Gripper
  • Reinforced Load Transfer for Object Recovery
  • 125m & 250m Tether Options
  • Tether Disconnect (Subconn Micros)
  • Enhanced Ethernet Communications
  • Additional Internal Power Supplies
  • Underwater GPS / Acoustic Tracking Systems Optional
  • All Packed in Two Large Hard-sided Cases Ready for Deployment

SARbot™ Datasheet

SARbot Search and Recovery ROV


History Lesson

The original SARbot was created by SeaBotix in 2009.  It was designed to operate as a ture "Search & Rescue" ROV for First Responders.  The idea was based on locating and recovering the drowning victim within the "golden hour" to revive them and save their lives.  The SeaBotix SARbot System was a very well thought out kit but unfortunately not many First Responder organizations could afford the >$100,000 USD price tag (as pictured).

The BlueLink SARbot™ follows in the footsteps of its predecessor but primarily focused on "Search & Recovery".  Consider it a revival of sorts.  It is possible that the BlueLink SARbot™ could be deployed in time to save a life, but more realistically, it will be utilized for recovery purposes in most cases. 

Teledyne Seabotix SARbot (2009-2014)

Teledyne Seabotix SARbot (2009-2014)